Broadband Solutions

Broadband Solutions connects student with home and school 24/7

Today at the TCEA 2016 event, M&A Technology announced its Connecting Students broadband solutions with immediate availability of Feb. 3, 2016, enabling every student to equally enjoy broadband access. “Internet access at the student’s home cannot be taken for granted; in fact 40% of US homes do not have reliable broadband access, which has created the “homework gap”,” said Donna Shepard, Executive Vice President at M&A Technology. “We now offer affordable Broadband service supporting 24 hours by 7 days learning for all students.”

The need for Broadband from Home – Learning without Limits

The development of the Connecting Students Broadband Solution is a natural and needed progression to support the array of Internet access devices and web platforms used for learning today. As learning behavior and teaching methods have evolved, it is essential that the technology advancement is ahead of the curve.  This is part of M&A Technology’s commitment to the Kindergarten through Grade 12 Education community – to extend learning access beyond the school for the benefit of both student and teacher.

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