M&A Datacenters provide Managed Services, Co-location, and Dedicated Servers based on your needs


M&A Datacenters provide Managed Services, Co-location, and Dedicated Servers based on your needs


  • Managed services remove the burden of monitoring, maintenance and administration of servers by placing them in M&A’s secure data center environment with 24×7 monitoring from our Network Operations Center
  • We also have co-location suites that allow our customers the security of having their equipment in our data center with comfort and accessibility of a suite.
  • M&A made the investments in these capabilities so your customers do not have to.



Datacenter offerings:


  • Data Backup
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Security and Anti Virus
  • Storage
  • Redundant gigabit network
  • Flywheel UPS
  • Backup generator
  • Electronic motion sensors
  • 24/7 security and operations monitoring
  • Redundant 20 amp power circuits to each rack
A custom solution that is a customer owned, private data network.


Why you should consider your own private LTE data network?


  • It’s the gap between families without Internet vs. those with Internet access at home. FCC Commissioner, Jessica Rosenworcel calls it the “Homework Gap” and it’s impacting over 5 million households with school-aged children, according to an FCC release in April of 2015.
  • M&A Technology has industrialized the broadband marketplace by spending millions of dollars in Research & Development to provide broadband access to households at an affordable price point.
  • Our solution provides access to the school districts so they can manage and filter content for students while at home.


Key benefits to owning a private LTE data network


  • Perfect for institutions needing low cost internet access to their districts, medical facilities, and municipalities.
  • Management software allows for full control and configuration of the network to meet your specific needs.
  • Highly reliable and proven technology.
  • This solution is a customer owned, private data network.
  • After initial investment, LTE networks are easily expanded with additional CPE devices and another tower site.
  • Ease of growth and scalable from 50 to 50,000 users.
M&A Technology’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) division is a one-stop-shop for integrated total solution platforms.


M&A Technology’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and IoT (Internet of Things) divisions are a one-stop-shop for integrated total solution platforms.


  • The company’s highly specialized manufacturing area is 36,600 sq.ft and the Data Management Center covers an area of about 6000 sq. ft.  At M&A, we share our expertise to contribute to the success of your OEM business needs.
  • In today’s competitive world, we let you focus on the key business while we take care of your OEM system requirements.
  • Our comprehensive services are backed by the experience of expert and passionate integration professionals.


Our team will work with you to determine your need and to insure that we design and build an application specific purpose built solution that works for you. Our experienced and talented team is here to meet your exact needs and delight you at every step.

Some things to consider are:


  • Design Process
  • Product Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Deployment
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Program Management
  • Compliance Services
  • Packaging


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1200 watt power supply


4U industrial chassis


ATX motherboard


Intel processor


DDR4 memory


SATA DOM storage


AMD Radeon™
RX 570 Graphics


  • High performance
  • Rack-mountable
  • Cool and quiet
  • FCC B Verified
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Professional grade
  • Built-in ISO Certified facility in the USA
  • High Quality