Gives parents and students access to important classroom information through an easy to use interface.

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How does it Work

Teachers are provided with a web page where they can post important classroom information such as: assignments, events, links to pertinent websites and the classroom calendar.

Why would this benefit my destrict

ECC provides teachers with a medium to communicate classroom information easily to all parents and students in real-time. Also because of the low cost of ECC, districts can easily see an immediate ROI in time saved by the teacher. Students also benefit greatly from ECC because they now have a central location to visit for all assignments, syllabus information, and events.

Who uses this system

School districts of all sizes use the ECC system to communicate with parents and students outside the district.

How hard is ECC to implement and maintain

ECC is designed to be easy to operate, because it is hosted in M&A Technology’s fully redundant data center. Therefore our staff maintains the equipment and application, helping to ensure that it is always available. This simple leaves the user and classroom setup to the district, and this setup is designed to be simple and quick.

How does ECC simplify Teacher/Parent communication

When ECC is implemented across the district, it ensures that all teachers use one system to post classroom data. This prevents confusion on behalf of the parents and students about where to go to find information. All information from all classes can be found in ECC.

What does it do

  • Classroom assignments and events
  • Attachments to assignments
  • Classroom schedules
  • District, School, Classroom web sites

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