Critical Steps to Secure and
Manage Your Remote Workforces

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Your greatest area of concern. 

A. Safety of employees and/or students

B. Increase of unsecured data on devices ​(due to employees saving resources to device vs. accessing them via VPN regularly)

C. Ensuring employee collaboration isn’t compromised  ​

D. Ensuring employees/students have access to company/school resources

E. Vulnerable endpoints as a result of tools that are not optimized for remote patching ​

Crisis Management & Governance


Meet with Senior Leadership to understand their concerns


Assemble a Risk Committee comprised of cross-functional c-staff and meet frequently to discuss crisis management and align on new business measures


Communicate with all staff regularly about protocol and procedures and ensure open dialogue

Three Critical Areas of Impact


Employee Safety: How do IT professionals ensure that staff and students' privacy is safe and their devices are protected?


Data & Device Security: With remote devices off the corporate network, how do we ensure the devices and data on them is safe and secure? this is of course especially concerning when you're a regulated industry. With employees working from home there’s going to be more sensitive data saved to devices as employees look to save time from having to access data through their VPN each time.


Productivity: With staff and students working from home, how do we ensure they have access to the corporate resources and they need and can effectively collaborate with those they need to?

How Absolute Helps

Employee Safety

Console Features

  • Geolocation
  • End User Messaging 
  • Device Location History Report

Data & Device Security

Console Features

  • Data Risk Assessment Report
  • SCCM, Encryption & Anti-Malware Reports


Console Features

  • Application Persistence for VPN
  • Device Usage
  • Web Usage (Education customers)

How Absolute Helps – Special Offers

We have enabled all customers access to two crucial features until August 31, 2020


Application Persistence for 3 of the most widely-used VPN apps:

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client 

F5 BIG-IP Edge Client 

Pulse Connect Secure 


Absolute Reach, our remote scripting solution for Windows and Mac devices