OEM Hardware and Software

Integration and Manufacturing Services

M&A Technology’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) division is a one-stop-shop for integrated total solution platforms.


The company’s highly specialized manufacturing area is 36,600 sq.ft and the Data Center covers an area of about 6,000 sq. ft. At M&A, we share our expertise to contribute to the success of your Enterprise OEM business needs. Our team can help you configure the exact configuration needed for your solution to optimize affordability of your technology spend that will fit within your budget.

Specializing in high-performance servers with optimal compute, graphics, and networking configurations for specific customer needs and emerging Artificial Intelligence deployments.

Our team will work with you to determine your need and to insure that we design and build an application specific purpose built solution that works for you. Our experienced and talented team is here to meet your exact needs and delight you at every step.

In today’s competitive world, we let you focus on the key business while we take care of your OEM system requirements.

Our comprehensive services are backed by the experience of expert and passionate integration professionals.

Somethings to consider are:

Design Process

Product Development

Supply Chain Management


Life Cycle Management

Program Management

Compliance Services