Confidently accelerate your cloud transformation


Transforming your business from a traditional IT infrastructure to a cloud model enables the business agility you need to compete and thrive in today’s instantaneous decision-making environment. But there is no cookie cutter, one size fits all approach to the cloud. Whether considering a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution, your cloud strategy must address your unique business requirements and opportunities specific to your industry.

To make the complex decisions – from infrastructure to data migration to data management − you have to understand the variables and interdependencies of the cloud stack. Balancing application and data needs, portability, data security, scalability, and ultimately data management all require specialized insights and knowledge.

Define and implement an end-to-end cloud lifecycle strategy that’s best for your business


At Lenovo, we offer the expertise to design the best hybrid or multi-cloud strategy for your business needs, with secure and rapid data migration, and the economics and flexibility of managing everything-as-a-service. This managed services approach along the end-to-end cloud lifecycle helps customers confidently accelerate their cloud transformation.

We start by helping to define the right strategy for your business. With Lenovo Professional Services and experts in 165 countries, you can plan, implement, and optimize your cloud strategy regardless of where the infrastructure sits – whether on-prem, in hosted environments, or both.

Accelerate time to value with proven and ready-to-deploy, open cloud solutions


Lenovo partners with Microsoft, Nutanix, and VMware, so customers have the best choice of pre-tested and pre-configured cloud infrastructure solutions. We’ve done the hard work of engineering these options to simplify deployment, and we deliver solutions with pre-defined workload optimization to accelerate time-to-value.

Lenovo builds it’s managed services offerings on the most reliable hardware platforms. They include Lenovo’s database solutions, optimized for IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP applications, and provides cloud tiering to maximize storage options for AWS, Azure, and Google. Pre-engineered cloud tiering reduces storage costs over short and longer-term retention periods and eliminates the need for customers to sort through their code before moving it to the cloud.

Lenovo’s cloud migration methodology means you have the ultimate choice, a clear pathway for your data transformation, with the solution that correctly fits your business requirements.

Simplify management of your cloud environment from data migration to fully outsourced services


Managing a cloud environment is a job unto itself and can mean spending your days (and nights) making sure things work. Lenovo’s intelligent cloud data migration capability makes migration faster, and 24/7 cloud management services enable you to focus on your businessand not on your cloud infrastructure.

Lenovo’s computing, storing, and networking platforms enable optimal control and scalability. Manage data with Lenovo ThinkSystem servers that use openstandards management and revolutionary modular engineering. Lenovo ThinkSystem servers can expand and adapt while delivering consistent high-performance computing to process demanding workloads such as transactional databases, artificial intelligence, and real-time analytics − all with industry-leading reliability.