Built to Order and Ready to Ship

This cost-effective approach allows our customers to take control of their server and data center needs, configuring for today with scalability for tomorrow.


Packed with the latest technology, each rack and pedestal server we build provides unparalleled performance and efficiency while reducing operating IT costs.

1U/2U essential servers – performance and density designs

The 1U/2U Essential server solutions provide a much needed lower-cost alternative for network operations with high computing capacity. Adding disk density for increased storage when need demands.

1U/2U High-Performance Computing and Virtualization servers

Purpose-Built HPC Solutions designed to address complex business computing challenges with the ability to scale up for increased performance

3U/4U GPU and Parallel Computing

Accelerate scientific and engineering computing by leveraging GPU Parallel compute processing power

Broadcasting/Television Production Systems

Custom-developed solutions focusing on the high demands of Video capturing and recording to the complexity of Streaming Video architecture

HPC – Universities and Deep/Machine Learning

Complex enterprise applications require accelerated parallel processing and computing resources for science and analytics with networking flexibility