Is your business re-calibrating for the new Post-Covid-19 environment?

You are not alone – all types of business across the US are looking for ways to resume
operations while at the same time ensuring the safety of their customers.

M&A Technology can help with this…

Introducing the M&A Technology Fever Detection Solution that everyone is talking about…


Flexible Applications

A great feature of this solution is being able to set up the terminal with the small screen above a doorway (or mounted on a wall or stand), and have a separate screen connected for monitoring guests as they enter.

Frictionless Monitoring

A person does not have to stand directly in front of the screen or camera. This device uses AI to grab thermal images of people as they walk by.

This is a complete solution with software, and it comes with a customizable SDK.

Fast and Advanced Thermal Imaging for Epidemic Prevention


Real-time thermal image

High accuracy, error margin of ±0.5°C

8″ inch tablet as HMI, easily viewable result

Warning graphic and sounds

we can help you deliver a simple, cost-effective, and modern solution that safely protects your data wherever it lives and quickly restores it anywhere.