Verkada for Data Centers

Increase visibility and reliability to protect your most sensitive areas.

Build Smarter, Safer Spaces

Verkada provides organizations with allin-one cloud-managed enterprise physical security to deliver visibility at any scale.
With standard features like end-to-end encryption, onboard storage, and advanced motion-based insights, organizations are able to quickly scale video security coverage and increase situational awareness across any number of locations.

Intelligent, Centralized Security Solution For Data Centers

Verkada empowers organizations to easily protect and monitor their data centers while enabling remote accessibility without compromising cyber security.

Why Data Centers Choose Verkada

Simple Setup

No NVRs, DVRs, or complex configurations— just a PoE connection.
Cameras come online and self-configure in minutes.
All footage is stored and self-maintained onboard each camera.

Easy Management

Cameras update automatically with the latest security and feature enhancements.
Access any camera across all sites from a centralized platform.
Designate user-based roles across your organization to ensure proper access.

Quick Incident Resolution

Receive proactive alerts for meaningful activity happening across your organization in real-time.
Easily share controlled access to any camera or site with first responders.
Share live camera feeds and cloud stored archives with just a link.

Secure By Default

All traffic is protected by out-of-the-box end-toend encryption.
Devices only accept secure, outbound connections from Verkada.
Automatic software updates are distributed to ensure devices are always up-to-date.


Streamline Security and Efficiency

Powerful, edge-based analytics designed to bring simplicity and speed to investigations.

Motion Search

Identify areas of interest to instantly surface footage when motion occurred.

Link Sharing

Instantly share live and historical footage via link or SMS.

People Analytics

Filter footage based on characteristics such as clothing color and backpacks.

Real-Time Alerts

Receive notifications for activity in sensitive areas or during after hours.

Cloud Archiving

Easily save important footage for as long as you need it.


See Your Space in Real-Time

Monitor server room activity to understand how space is being used.

See all cameras against an uploaded floor plan
Enable motion plotting to see activity in real-time
View historical heatmaps to understand how space is being used


Simple, Secure, and Ready for Scale

Verkada Access combines enterprise-grade access control with a powerful, cloud-based management platform for a solution that’s always simple, secure, and ready for scale.
Through Verkada Command, access control and cameras are connected seamlessly to deliver real-time video analytics on access events. Using Verkada’s industry-leading edge-based video processing, users are able to not only see what is happening at their points of entry, but also proactively take action for meaningful events.

Simple to Manage

Cloud-managed controller configures instantly and updates automatically.

Centralized Management

Managing doors, permissions, and users from anywhere with Verkada Command.

Always Reliable

Built-in storage ensures uninterrupted door functionality.

Increased Visibility

Seamlessly integrates with existing Verkada cameras for unparalleled visibility


Built to Fit Your Needs

Verkada’s line of hybrid cloud cameras combines industry-leading processing with onboard storage for a simple, intelligent, and reliable video security solution.

Built-in Storage

Cameras feature up to 365 days of onboard storage for continuous recording—even during an outage.

Low-Bandwidth Impact

At just 20 kbps, Verkada cameras can be deployed virtually anywhere, even remotely over cellular modems.

Industry-Leading Warranty

All hardware is backed by our 10-year product warranty included with the purchase of your Verkada system.


Dome Series

Durable and versatile, Verkada’s Dome Series provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor enterprise cameras.

Bullet Series

Built to withstand the toughest environments, the Bullet Series features a sealed aluminum housing, ensuring cameras stay protected.

Mini Series

Designed for flexibility without compromise, Verkada’s Mini Series features discreet form factors that deliver exceptional image quality.

Fisheye Series

Verkada’s Fisheye Series captures footage in a dynamic panoramic 180° or can break down any captured environment into quadrants.

Drive New Insights of Server Room Activity

Verkada’s SV11 Environmental Sensor is an all-in-one device that detects changes occurring across your environment.
With onboard sensors for temperature, humidity, PM2.5, TVOCs, noise and motion, stay informed of critical changes in realtime.

Custom Alerts

Set thresholds for each sensor reading to receive proactive alerts via SMS and email to quickly take necessary action.

See What Happened

Integrated video feeds provide footage to see exactly what occurred to cause a change in an environment.

Save Costs Over Time

Sensor data can be used to measure events that can lead to increased maintenance costs of equipment.


COVID-19 Response Features

Verkada’s COVID-19 Response Suite leverages Verkada’s powerful edgebased computing capabilities to provide teams with increased visibility and insights into what is happening across their organization.

Motion Plotting

Real-time motion displayed as a heatmap, enabling teams to know where to monitor activity.

Contact Tracing with Face Search

Search relevant footage containing a match for a person’s face—even while wearing a mask—to detect affected individuals.

Crowd Notifications

Instant alerts for when cameras detect a number of people in-frame that meet or exceed a predetermined threshold

People Heatmaps

A view of historical people-based activity to distribute locations prone to crowding, and enhancing cleaning and sanitation.

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