LTE Private Network Solutions

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LTE Private Network Solutions

Nokia End to End Solution Architecture recommended for the District.
Nokia Product Specification.

Nokia team is committed to partnering with M&A Technology .  Their experience in deploying private wireless networks is outstanding. Your district can be assured  the  services and assistance they’ll be provided will create a clear path to successfully deploying, maintaining, and expanding a private LTE network as needed. We look forward to working with your district on this opportunity to provide a private LTE solution.

Nokia End to End Solution Architecture recommended for the District.


1. End to End Solution Architecture

Products provided by Nokia as part of the proposed architecture include:

1. Access Points/eNodeB’s in CBRS Band 48 or whichever LTE spectrum District plans to use with Baseband Unit ( if necessary) antenna and all necessary ancillaries.
2. NDAC Edge server that hosts Evolved Packet Core ( “EPC”) functionality.
3. Remote NDAC Management Center assuming secure connection availability.

Figure 1. End to End Architecture

2. Nokia eNodeB

Capacity, performance, low total cost of ownership, investment protection and smaller footprint are some of the special incentives of owning Nokia eNodeB ( RRH and BBU). Nokia RRH ( Remote Radio Head) are available for licensed bands and unlicensed/lightly licensed CBRS LTE band 48. Nokia has multiple variants for band 48 operating under the norm of CBRS allowable EiRP for both indoor and outdoor use cases. RRH’s can support 256 QAM modulation for higher data rates. Nokia Indoor and outdoor small cells have integrated RRH and BBU available for both 4G and 5G. For Micro and Macro RRH’s, Nokia Airscale BBU ( Base Band Unit) Subrack is designed for LTE+5G configurations.

Figure 2. Nokia CBRS Band 48 RRH’s and Outdoor System Module AMOD BBU

3. Nokia DAC

Nokia  DAC  supports  two  deployment  models.

1. Standard Nokia DAC offers  cloud  service  operations  and  maintenance.
2. Nokia  DAC  Explorer  is a fully  standalone solution without cloud services.

The end to end architecture shown in Figure 1 above is a standard NDAC solution. Standard NDAC offers an easy to use self-service interface for network management tasks, such as adding new networks or managing SIM cards, adding and removing devices and features, viewing real-time information on NDAC Web Portal with the status and utilization of network and devices as well as radio network and edge cloud health. In a commercial deployment, the web-based self-service interface can be used by the customer personnel directly. NDAC also enables access to other network management and operations solutions and integration with  3rd  party  applications via well-defined application program interfaces (APIs).

Figure 3. Nokia DAC Explorer

Nokia FastMile compact receiver


The Nokia FastMile solution allows operators to build profitably on their existing Radio Access Network (RAN) installed base and idle rural spectrum so they can offer fixed wireless broadband to urban, suburban and rural users. Nokia FastMile includes home units with a built-in modem and antenna, a cloud-based controller for monitoring and control, and smartphone applications for installation and point of sales support. Together they provide a powerful end-to-end solution delivering guaranteed sustained rates to fixed subscribers.

LTE to 5G Evolution


The evolution from a 4G/LTE to a 5G core for private wireless networks will require some planning and forethought based on the types of 5G devices and applications that the enterprise wishes to run. There are multiple 5G network deployment options available. The Non-standalone (NSA) version runs on the existing 4G/LTE core and has limited impacts on the operation of the private network. The Standalone (SA) version fundamentally changes the functions of a new 5G core because of its services-based architecture (SBA). The SBA is more flexible and dynamic, and enables automation, network slicing and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in its operations.

Nokia Product Specifications


Nokia eNodeB

This section provides details of Nokia proposed product specification.

AirScale Micro RRH 4T/4R 20W (AZQC)

Outdoor FW2QQF Small Cell Solution.

Indoor FW2QQD Small Cell Solution.

AirScale AMOD BBU Product Specifications.

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