Mobile Business Contact For Education

In a time of social distancing and limited personal interactions our schools have had to rapidly change the way they work. Mavenir can assist to enable school districts to stay connected with their students.

Key Benefits

• API-rich to connect with a variety of applications including scheduling systems and chatbots
• Configurable reports for automated delivery of compliance and progress data to administrators, teachers, or families
• Omnichannel to allow teachers and students to communicate in a variety of ways
• Cloud-hosted for rapid deployment

The Remote Learning Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed an incredible strain on our education system. The classroom is now virtual, with school administrators, teachers, students, and parents trying to adapt to the new normal.

Teachers need to be available for students that need live tutoring. However, students should have access to self-help content to keep teachers free for when they are really needed. Parents and students should also have the ability to schedule tutoring sessions to ensure they get the support they need. Finally, the school should be able to deliver compliance and progress reports to administrators and parents with minimal manual effort.

Mobile Business Contact is a cloud-hosted, omnichannel contact center platform ideal to meet the challenges facing educators. It connects using an Internet connection. That means there is no custom hardware or software to install, so schools can be rapidly up and running. Educators will spend less time waiting and more time teaching.

Omnichannel means that teachers have a single user interface for all communications. So whether students use voice, text, email, webchat, or social media, teachers see it everything in one place. It can integrate with scheduling systems to let parents and students set up tutoring sessions. Chatbots can provide students with self-help content and can escalate to a teacher when necessary. The easy-to-use reporting system can automatically send statistics out to a selected audience.
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