Mobile Business Contact

Mavenir Mobile Business Contact provides an anywhere, anytime omnichannel contact center solution delivered from the cloud, accessible via WebRTC browser-based agent or hard phone, to provide businesses with a differentiated, modern and cost-effective, solution for customer engagement.

The evolution of customer contact

Growing businesses can take advantage of Mavenir’s leading business contact expertise. For any size of business that wants to differentiate themselves through exceptional customer service, Mobile Business Contact provides customer service representatives and their supervisors with the tools to effectively handle customer interactions. It gathers and reports valuable customer intelligence to help increase customer service and agent productivity.
With multiple feature packages, it is affordable and flexible enough to serve the needs of businesses from as low as 2 to thousands of customer contact agents to engage the customers through Voice, SMS, Web Chat and Social Media channels. It also provides flexible billing to let businesses pay only for the licenses used per month, which is critical for businesses that need to scale up or down during the year (seasonal spikes).

Modernizing Contact Center To Deliver Mobile Customer Service Experiences

Cloud-Based Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) for Businesses of All Sizes

Mobile Business Contact Capabilities

• Omnichannel enabled – supports seamless agent interactions between email, phone, chat, texting, and social platforms
• Advanced Contact Routing – directs contacts based on Caller ID, account numbers, private lists, balanced call count, preferred agent treatment, agent priority, time-of-day, day-of-week, day-of-year, and user-entered data
• Skills-Based Routing – sends contacts to the most qualified person to handle the call
• Agent Priority Routing – gives business the ability to send the right contact to the right agent
• Sticky Agent – allows a customer to be assigned to a specific service representative for all interactions, useful in banking, insurance, and financial services verticals
• Priority Queuing – enables the business to answer higher priority calls sooner
• Intelligent Announcements – plays pre-recorded messages to inform callers of their place in the queue, estimated time before answer, and offer alternative actions like voicemail or call back requests

Enabling A Mobile And Distributed Workforce

Today, more than ever, businesses need innovative solutions that allow their service experts flexible access regardless of their location. Businesses depending on legacy, on-premise contact centers are struggling to adapt to the new reality.

Operational Management Capabilities

• Reporting engine – equipped with powerful real-time and historical analytics to monitor agent productivity, usage trends, and overall health of the system.
• View agent status – provides real-time information on queues, hold times, agent status, etc., to ensure customers are always being served quickly, efficiently, and professionally.
• Assess agent productivity – delivers current and historic data and configurable reports to gauge the productivity and performance of agents.
Manage campaign performance – provides real-time insights into how marketing campaigns are performing so resources can be adjusted to maximize the investment
• Selectively retrieve recorded calls – stores call recordings so they can be retrieved easily and securely from any desktop and archived to a storage device
• Automate popular inquiries – frees up time for service reps by providing customers with self-service menus for fast and efficient responses to commonly-asked questions
• Interaction analyst –integrates call reports, analytics, and business Intelligence into a single tool
• Voice logger – synchronizes with the interaction analyst for end-to-end analysis of customer call recordings

A Better Customer
Service Experience

Enables businesses of all sizes to leverage contact center technology to enhance customer acquisition and minimize customers lost

Mobile Business Contact CCaaS Packages

Mobile business contact is a full-featured omnichannel Contact Center. There are different packages that are available to help customers choose the best option to fit their specific customer engagement needs.

Additional Add-ons are:
- Dedicated IVR ports: Customers can opt for Dedicated IVR ports to get additional value from their Contact Center by automating certain aspects of the call or by creating an outbound IVR campaign.
- Send outbound messages to announce, remind, for surveys, or to collect feedback.
- Link IVR with your database and personalize the announcements.

- SMS Campaigns: This is a standalone module to run standalone SMS campaigns that allow sending messages to customers to remind them of account balance, appointment reminders, and capturing surveys and feedback.

* CRM Integration: Standard CRM Integrations to Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk, and Freshdesk is available, however, any other CRM integration is not included and will be custom integration.

** Email: For Email channel, we need CRM. Email integration is done via backend CRM
integration. Emails are polled by CRM, but the routing is done by the Mavenir Email channel.
Emails are stored and responded to from CRM.