M&A Technology is releasing its latest addition to the cryptocurrency market with a refreshed Manda Miner.  The latest Manda Miner is utilizing GPU technology from AMD with each system configured with seven Radeon™ RX 570 cards.  AMD technology has allowed for the newly released system to be well balanced and optimized for hashing speed, power consumption, and mining efficiency.  Ethereum and Zcash continue to be the cryptocurrency of choice for the Manda Mine and is available now for delivery.


The Manda Miner is a purpose built, application specific server solution for the cryptocurrency market and performs at ~200MH/s for Ethereum or ~2000H/s for ZCash.  The system is designed by experienced cryptocurrency systems engineers and is assembled at M&A Technology’s  ISO certified factory in Texas with the highest quality materials available.

The cryptocurrency server is a data center ready and performance optimized to run cool and quiet. The Manda Miner is FCC B verified and housed in a 4U chassis specifically for crypto-mining purposes which functions as a standalone unit or as a data center cabinet rack-mountable unit. The system’s seven high performance graphics cards are optimized to interface with a standard motherboard for manageability and high-quality performance. The system utilizes a highly efficient power supply and cooling fans designed to ensure operational efficiency and reliability.

M&A Technology has internally custom tailored and optimized the operating system so the end user can easily configure their wallet and start to collect either Ethereum or ZCash cryptocurrency.  The Manda Miner has been designed to easily plug in, turn on, configure your wallet, assign your pool, and collect currency.  The Manda Miner is also rack-mountable which means the system can work well in a 24U or 42U rack cabinet.

Find out more about this professionally built mining server and why it is the right solution for your Ethereum and ZCash mining needs.


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