FastMile compact

The Nokia FastMile solution allows operators to build profitably on their existing Radio Access Network (RAN) installed base and idle rural spectrum so they can offer fixed wireless broadband to urban, suburban and rural users. Nokia FastMile includes home units with a built-in modem and antenna, a cloud-based controller for monitoring and control, and smartphone applications for installation and point of sales support. Together they provide a powerful end-to-end solution delivering guaranteed sustained rates to fixed subscribers.

Central to the solution are home units that connect to the mobile network with high gain beam forming antennas for maximum performance. Home units are available in various form factors with features specific to operator use cases. The Nokia FastMile compact receiver is ideal for urban and suburban deployments where both a small form factor and high gain are required. Its compact window mountable design reduces its exterior profile and facilitates subscriber self-installation.

Maximizing the return on a RAN investment requires efficient use of spectral assets. To that end, spectral efficiency is improved with FastMile outdoor antennas. This, along with the optimal base station selection and use of the FastMile controller, can result in more than five times better spectral efficiency when compared to in-house Long Term Evolution (LTE) routers.

Features & Specifications

• Fixed beam antenna with up to 14 dBi gain

• Variants with LTE band support for all regions

• Multiple bands supported within a single variant

• Carrier aggregation

• Power over Ethernet (PoE) fed

• Wall or window frame mountable

• Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) connection to indoor customer premises equipment (CPE) or residential gateway

• Increases revenues by serving fixed subscribers with a mobile infrastructure

• Guaranteed throughput for true fixed services with a Nokia end-to-end solution

• Error-free installation with the Nokia FastMile application

• Size and gain optimized for urban and suburban densities

• High spectral efficiency lowers RAN costs

• Subscriber self-installation reduces costs and improves a fixed wireless access (FWA) business case


• Height: 230 mm (9.1 in)
• Width: 230 mm (9.1 in)
• Depth: 30 mm (1.2 in), without cable
• Weight: <1300 g (2.9 lb)

Operating environment

• Temperature, ambient: -30°C to 65°C (-22°F to 149°F)
• Environmental: IP66, full sunload, ETSI Class 4.1E, ANSI NEBS GR-487-CORE


• Adheres to strict Nokia security standards



• Nokia FastMile controller
– Capacity management
– Key performance indicator (KPI) management
– Remote troubleshooting
– Firmware upgrades
• Guided installation with the Nokia FastMile mobile application


• PoE/PoE+
• Consumption: 10 W maximum


Hardware variants

• Variant 1: Band 42/43/48
• Variant 2: Band 3
• Variant 3: Band 7/38/40/41


Network termination

• Outdoor receiver with 3 m RJ-45 pigtail


Subscriber interface

• GigE, Cat5e flat ribbon pigtail with RJ-45


Typical reach

• Up to 7 km with close to theoretical rates in non-congested radio conditions

Main functions

• Beam forming, high gain antenna with mechanical tilting (±35°)
• Gains:
– Variant 1: 15 dBi
– Variant 2: 10.5 dBi
– Variant 3: 13.5 dBi
• Downlink (DL) Category 15
• Uplink (UL) Category 13
• Router or bridge mode
• Quality of service (QoS): 4 strict priority queues, handling of p-bits
• Multicast: Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) v2
• Layer 2 forwarding, virtual LAN (VLAN) residential bridging and cross-connect modes support



• Base standard: 3GPP Release 12
• CA DL with 256 QAM and 2×2 multiple input multiple output (MIMO)
• UL single carrier 64 QAM 2×2 MIMO



– B48, including CBRS Part 90
– B41
• CE for other bands
– B3
– B7
– B38
– B40
– B41
– B42
– B43