The State of Ransomware 2021

Deeper insights than ever into ransoms and encrypted data

In this year’s annual report, we dive into the prevalence and impact of ransomware, including year-on-year trends. And, for the first time, we reveal the actual ransom payments made by victims, and how much data victims were able to recover after they paid.

Better understand the ransomware landscape with information from IT professionals across the globe

Deeper insights than ever into ransoms and encrypted data


In this report you’ll find:


How often cybercriminals succeed in encrypting data


Which sectors are most likely to pay the ransom


The average ransom paid by small and mid-sized organizations


How much data victims get back after paying the ransom


Best practices to minimize the impact of a ransomware attack

Some of the topics covered in the State of Ransomware 2021:

The prevalence of ransomware

How many organizations were hit compared to previous years.

Who are attackers going after

Which organizations faced the most ransomware attacks in 2020.

Where are ransomware attacks happening

Ransomware varies from country to country – learn where attacks are most frequent.

The impact of ransomware

Extortion is the new encryption – learn more about this new trend.

The cost of paying up

Find out how much ransomware costs across different industries.

What happens when you pay up

Does paying the ransom pay off? Find out more.

Ransomware evolves to remain effective – learn how to stay ahead

We don’t just look at the bad in this year’s report. We also share what is working to stop ransomware, and how to stay ahead of future attacks.

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